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Certificates of Origin

Certificates of Origin Service

The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce provides certificates of origin for both members and non-members as an essential trade service. This is primarily for the confirmation of the origin of goods and is a requirement of many countries before goods are allowed into their country.

Note: Not all Chamber staff are able to assist with this service so please email to schedule your appointment.

Documentation Required to Enroll in Program

Please read below to find out more about required documentation. Templates of the required forms are listed below as PDF’s for you to view or print.

  • Certificate of Origin Letter of Waiver Template (must be notarized) Download Letter of Waiver Form
  • Download Certificate of Origin
  • Shippers Affidavit or Invoice which will accompany the Certificate of Origin (your Company Document)
  • Provincial Business Registration Documents: (Must include Company Name, Address, Directors, Confirmation of Good Standing)
    These are your company documents: Please see Reference Sample

Notarization Requirement for all Documents & Waiver Option

For reasons of liability, all documents presented to the Chamber must be notarized before they can be certified. The notarization process can be costly and time consuming, so as an alternative to notarizing individual documents a Letter of Waiver may be issued. If a notarized Letter of Waiver for your company is presented to, or is on file with the Chamber, no additional documents to be certified by the Chamber need to be notarized. (See Certificate of Origin Letter of Waiver Template above). With initial enrollment in the Certificate of Origin Program the Chamber also requires a notarized copy of your organization’s business registration documents, which describe your operations with the Federal or Provincial Government. These documents are available through a corporate search on www.bconline.gov.bc.ca or can usually be obtained through your company’s lawyer if they are not in your possession.


  1. Documents MUST be issued by a Canadian company.
  2. Notarized Provincial Registration Documents (cannot be waivered and part of initial enrollment with Chamber)
  3. Notarized Letter of Waiver, or in the absence thereof, all documents notarized (see above required documents).
  4. Certificate of Origin completed by your company on the Chamber template above.
  5. A copy of the Shippers Affidavit or your Company Invoice which will accompany the shipment.
  6. An appointment has been made with the Chamber.
  7. The required fees have been paid.

2021/2022 Certification Fees: Fees are payable to the Chamber at the time of certification and may be made by Visa/Mastercard/AMEX or by cheque payable to the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce.

Members: Certificate of Origin for each original                      $15 + GST
Non-Members: Certificate of Origin for each original             $30 + GST